Keihin Electric Express Railway development corporation (It's called "us" in the following.) recognizes the thing which makes an effort toward protection of the personal information acquired through business activity as social obligation and makes an effort toward protection of personal information based on the following policy.

1. About the merit of the personal information.

We'll acquire personal information by legitimacy and the just means.

2. About use of personal information.

We use personal information in the reach of the use destination indicated in case of acquisition in the limit by which business needs the execution top. When or entrusting privacy policy to a specific third person when using personal information jointly between the specific third person, it was investigated strictly about a third person concerned and we supervise properly to make them maintain a secret.

3. About a third person offer of personal information.

We don't make the personal information the thing offered to a third person except for the case a decree sets without getting one's own consent beforehand.

4. About management of personal information.

We'll keep accuracy of personal information and manage this safely. We'll make an effort toward prevention of loss of personal information, destruction, garble and a leak and put appropriate safety control measure into effect.

5. About elucidation of personal information, correction, a use stop and erasure.

We confirm that the person himself possesses the right to ask elucidation, correction, a use stop and erasure, etc. about own personal information and answer to the occasion with these requests sincerely.

6. The organization and system

We'll appoint a privacy policy administrator and manage personal information properly. A full-time executive and a staff understand the importance of the privacy policy, and we'll carry publicity without exception so that we may put it behind the daily operation and the retirement and treat personal information properly.

7.Building, maintenance and reconsideration of a privacy policy control system

To carry out this policy, we build and maintain a control system for privacy policy, and reconsider suitably according to the need.

November 1, 2011 Keihin Electric Express Railway development corporation